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:Hieu-Viet: Ngo is an entrepreneur, plenipotentiary judge, quantum contract writer & educator from Sydney, Australia. Previously he worked in commercial & public practice as an accountant for 22 years. Through years of training & knowledge accumulation, he holds position of a federal postal court judge & postmaster. His court venue has jurisdiction over Governments, Corporations and the Legal System.

If you launch a complaint against these entities, he has power over them. If they do not give you a dictionary, or a correct language performance with their legalities, letters & claims, they breach the basic rule of communication & grammar. There is neither contracting parties nor claim of jurisdiction over the other. He works with seven (7) other fellow judges stationed in United States, UK, Ireland, & Europe. They are part of the Contract State Unity World Corporation. Quantum law language was founded by the chief federal postal judge: David-Wynn: Miller. His language technology has been in the public domain since 1999.

During October 2019 Hieu provided valuable forensic work in a high profile case against a large bank in Dublin, Ireland. Imminent foreclosure was nullified through the postal court’s filings. The bank's legal team tried to come after the client’s property & business assets. They soon realize they lack the necessary power to claim these. Since then he has completed four (4) Australian residential mortgage cases during the period of March to April 2021. 

: Hieu-Viet: Ngo.

: Plenipotentiary-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Postmaster.

: Contract-number: VE260133013GB.

: CopyRight/CopyClaim:

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