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What does ‘Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar’ (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.) mean?

Since the dawn of time correct communication is based on truth and facts. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” {John 8:32}. Correct communication is the lubricant for good commerce, trade and human interactions. Modern day English language has evolved over centuries, taking shape from various cultures, including the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians & Vikings. The English and Viking amalgamation would become the final step in establishing a spoken English and the foundation for the varying English dialects today. 

However, its linguistics evolution has handicapped many people today. Schools, libraries, courts and governments of the world communicate with an adverb/ adjective/verb/pronoun-syntax combination that create fiction/illusion, presumption, assumption, modification, guessing, lie, perjury, or plagiarization of each other’s fictions.

For the past 8500 years common linguistics of the politician, lawyers, attorneys, barristers, judges and school teachers lack the correct communication syntax knowledge. For instance the strict grammar/syntax rule: One fact for one sentence is rarely observed and followed. When was the last time you’ve seen this applied in any legal contract documents?

Why do you have an American flag on all your documents? Do you work for the American Government?

The United States Corporation (US) flag was salvaged by: David-Wynn: Miller on 11th August 1999 at the United Nations buildings in New York. In Maritime/Admiralty law a flag on a ship signifies the country and jurisdiction that the vessel comes from. Similarly each paper vessel has a quantum language flag to show that it is in the jurisdiction of the Correct Sentence Structure Communication Parse Syntax Grammar  Language Performance (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.).

Whenever you see this flag on a document, know that you are looking at quantum contract law language - a factual superior communication technology. Like a source code of a computer program, it has the correct syntax & parse (parts of speech) to generate correct sentence structure grammar via a mathematical interface for each letter of a word, then each word of a sentence, then each sentence of a paragraph which make up a complete document scroll. Therefore, quantum language can not be subject to modification & colouring by different opinions & interpretations which ultimately breed strife, contention and war - the core of mankind's suffering and sorrows. 'Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.'{Proverbs 10:12}

What is a Plenipotentiary Judge?

A person who has "full powers". In particular, the term commonly refers to a diplomat fully authorized to represent a government as a privilege (e.g. ambassador). A plenipotentiary judge has full power to make judgment/ruling in a particular matter based on his/her knowledge, standing, and authority with an oath of duty written in the correct sentence structure communication parse syntax grammar.

How do I get a Live Life Claim?

If you want to know how to correctly complete this crucial document, we have a step by step instructional video (55 minutes). You will get the Presentation, illustration notes & link to the video. Click here to purchase this product.

How Do I Eliminate my Mortgage or Debts?

1) Start a complaint with us, fill out this form. Click Here.

2) We must interview you via Video Call Appointment (Zoom) to consider the way forward. Click Here to Book.

3) To understand what fraud is on a mortgage agreements click here.

4) How long does the mortgage/debt elimination process take? Answer: it takes three months (90 days) to mature. We file the documents to the [de]fendants once, and only once.

5) If we agree to take your case on, there are fees involved which we discuss during the Video Call Appointment (Zoom).

End of Mortgages & Debts Q&A


Answer: For Australian mortgages you need the following documents. Click each one to see a sample:

(1) Mortgage Document

(2) Memorandum of Common Provisions

(3) Loan Agreement

(4) General Terms and Conditions

For US/Canada: you need the following documents:

(1) X Any document that came through the letter box with their name or logo on it. If you have it, an original agreement would be best.

2. Do I have to be a Live-Life-Claimant to benefit from this opportunity?

Answer: Yes! We cannot aid your cause without you first becoming a live life claimant. Click Here to commence DIY Live Life Claim process. Step by step Instructional Video and presentation notes included.

3. What is the easiest way for me to challenge the Mortgage or Debt contract?

Answer: Any question, under the Roberts Rules of Corporation. If they can not provide answers to your questions directly, they have walked themselves into agreeing with your questions. We have packages in place to start this process. Contact us for more details.

4. What can I do if my Mortgage is already in foreclosure?

Answer: Contact us as soon as possible.

5. What can I do if I filed for bankruptcy already?

Answer: Bankruptcy simply means that your Bank has been ruptured. If the documents you submitted in the process of bankruptcy did not give you full language closure, it was fraud from the moment it started. Fraud has no statutes of limitation under the Fraud Act 2006. (Statute of limitation: a statute prescribing certain periods within which a cause of action must be brought or proceedings to enforce a right must be commenced. Source: LexisNexis Australian Legal Dictionary 2nd Edition, page 1472)

6. Can I take any action if I paid off my Mortgage / Loan already?

Answer: You will have to choose between a correct life or an easy life. Being correct means that you want to stop and correct any fraud every time it comes up. It is your decision.

7. What can I do if I rent my home or apartment unit?

Answer: Contact us and we will assess if it is worth it for you going forward.

8. Does this apply to a car loan or car lease?

Answer: Yes. Contact us so we can assess your situation & whether it is worth the effort going forward.

9. Does this apply to the utility companies and their bills (gas, electric, & water)?

Answer. Yes. We do not do Utility Companies and their bills. The effort is too much. However, you can book a one on one appointment which we can show you the technology & what's involved so you may help yourself. 

10. Does this apply to Property Taxes?

Answer. Yes. However, we choose not to be involved as the effort & time is too much. Again you can book a one on one appointment which we can show you the technology & what's involved so you may help yourself.

Do I have to deal with bank lawyers, go to court or answer any debt collection agencies?

No. You do not correspond with these fiction agents. We deal with them. Any mail is given to us for management. The 'Tricks & Traps’ course by :Mark-kishon: Christopher teach you how to stay safe as well as many other topics that solve your financial challenges.

I am not struggling with my mortgage. Why should I still consider your service?

With the economic downturn & business restrictions in place, you must be prepared. We read that 'National Australia Bank Ltd on Friday urged customers at high risk of default on their loans to sell their properties sooner rather than later as it reported ballooning credit impairment charges during the quarter." Source: Article by Paulina Duran, SYDNEY, Aug 14 (Reuters).You are paying off a fraud mortgage. It must stop. Contact us for full closure of your mortgage matters. 

What happens to my Land Title Deed if my mortgage is eliminated through this Court?

When you eliminate your mortgage/s through us, you get a superior claim on your land under your correct title certificate/deed - higher than any fiction entity's claim such as a bank. In fact, banks do not hold title over your land because they do not / cannot own your land. The lawyers hold the title deed.

With the abolishment of CTs by the fiction General Registrar ( for NSW it was on/after 11 Oct 2021) , it is more crucial to have the correct title/ownership to your land/property. A Quantum Land Log (QLL) system has been created to solve this erosion of property rights, control  and privileges. Click Here to access the QLL.

Even after you have paid off your mortgage, you are still a TENANT on your land. Don't believe this? Check out a land title deed here where the mortgage on it has been fully satisfied. This is 100% proof! They give you an illusion you own it, but no man or woman can own land. It belongs to the Creator. You may have claims on it, either higher or lower than somebody else's. You can settle on a parcel of land, make improvements on it and so gain a higher claim than someone who just passing by. For a superior highest claim to the land of your settlement, contact us for more information.

What happens to my Credit File if I do my case with this Court?

For correctness, the credit reporting bureaus should not put negative remarks because the complaint is about fraud on mortgage documents. Creditor (bank) is under investigation. Due to cessation of your repayment, your score will be affected due to payment-on-time performance reporting rule. Therefore, we do not guarantee your score stay the same. Credit repair services are separate business in their own right. We are focused on freeing people from debt pledges, not help get them back in for more debts through credit file manipulation & management strategies.

Where can I buy David-Wynn: Miller's correct-sentence-structure-communication-Parse-syntax-grammar book?

You can only get an authentic copy from his estate. Full instruction on how to order can be found on his official website:

Any other entities/agents pretending to sell his book is invalid and cannot be used.

Can I book a private & confidential appointment with you?

Yes, this is a one to one appointment for 1 hour. Make sure you ask everything you need to know during this time. You can write the subject matter in the notes of the Book Online window. Click here to book.

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