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Surviving A Financial Crisis

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

It's About Timing & Preparation!

You've seen the constant bad news, rising unemployment with AI taking over many service jobs and profitable businesses dropping out in their hundreds. You sense the foreseeable future is going to affect you in a major way. Your gut feel is probably correct. This financial crisis/health scare will affect everybody one way or another. What can I do to ease the pain? DO 3 things below:

1. Lodge a Live Life Claim for yourself and loved ones

2. If you have Mortgages and Debts - talk to us. We can end them for you.

3. Increase in Knowledge to stay safe and free.

First, let’s start with the live life claim. This is the vital first step to get you out of FICTION and into the world of FACTS. There is much explanation and knowledge behind this claim process. In a nutshell it basically validates you as a living, breathing, natural man/woman with full power & authority over your own body so that the fictional entities cannot control you how they want. For assistance with Live Life Claims, please head to our Book Online page. We also have a step by step tutorial to help you complete this document CORRECTLY for a valid claim. See our Product Page to purchase this item.

Second, if your home is at risk of foreclosure or you do not wish to continue with your current mortgages/debts, connect with us. With a refundable 200 AUD deposit for a video conference call, we can show you how these issues can be solved. The deposit is fully refundable. See our Terms and Conditions in the Book Online page.

Third, knowledge of certain truths will keep you safe and steer you away from re-contracting with fiction entities. We may save you large amount of monies by teaching you how to navigate through their tricks and traps - governmental agencies, fiction courts, solicitors, demand letters, bills, notices etc. Book a private and confidential consultation session with us. We can show you many hidden gems & how you can use them to navigate through these problems successfully. Many clients have saved thousands after they've applied these precious knowledge truth & skills. See our Terms and Conditions in the Book Online page under private Consultation.

Click on the image below to Play a Video about the Imminent Economic Collapse.

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